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I specialise in writing b2b content, primarily on topics related to the 'world of work', such as HR, employability, career advice, gender diversity, gig economy, self-employment, and productivity. I've also written full websites and hundreds of personal profiles for clients all over the world. 

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How to Humanize Your IT Resume to Land Your Dream Role

Experts are predicting that corporates will continue to beef up their hiring efforts in the tech sector in the next 12 months. Cybersecurity, AI/machine learning and full-stack development are topping the list of most in-demand candidates. With over 261,000 tech jobs adding to the growing US tech sector in the last year, it’s now more important than ever to present an IT résumé that delivers precisely what hiring managers are looking for.

Gender Pay Gap: How to Promote Gender Equality in Your Workplace

The final season of Game of Thrones aired on Monday night to the delight of millions of GoT fans around the world. And with it, came the news that the gender pay gap is as rife in Winterfell as it is in the real world. The revelation was made by actress Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the GoT series, where she claims to make around £130,000 per episode, less than half of some of her male counterparts.

Ideal Standard | Brand Story

From humble beginnings in 1872 when US businessman, John Pierce, opened a tinware shop in Massachusetts, Ideal Standard has deep and rich history that brings this iconic business to where it stands today. Opening offices in London and Paris in 1896, the American Radiator Company (as it was then), rapidly grew to become the world’s largest supplier of heating equipment. Following more impressive mergers in the late 1890s, Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Co. was born.

Why volunteering is good for business

Let’s face it, running your own business can put you under enormous time-pressure. You’re spending your days working for your clients and your evenings sorting out your own marketing and social media. And let’s not even mention the countless weekends at your desk, trying to balance the books. Being self-employed is hard work. So why would you dedicate any of your precious free time to help someone else or volunteer for a charity? Well, here’s why. Volunteering is good for business.

What is a Non-Executive Director?

The concept of a non-executive director (NED or NXD) to those new to the term, can seem daunting and complicated. Executive and non-executive members of the Board have the same responsibility in the eyes of the law. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that lines are blurry when defining the difference between these two crucial leadership roles. If you are considering your first NED role, then it’s worth knowing what your Board will expect from you.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: A Future Dilemma with Humanoid Robotics | Adam Birchall

If you’ve been watching programs such as Humans on UK’s Channel 4 or Westworld on HBO, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to the ethics of Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Both series touch on the morals and perhaps legal aspects of creating, owning, using, and interacting with humanoid robots. And both series also delve into the theory that robots can ultimately develop feelings, emotions, and conscious thoughts.